Leningrad State University, Russia,1975, GPA=3.9.




Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RAPA), Address: Moscow, Vernadsky Prospect, 84, 1995, GPA=4.0.

Professional skils:

Geophysicists are frequently contacted by companies looking for natural resources that are typically buried underground. Without using a geophysicist, trying to determine if a piece of land contains oil, minerals or water can be cost effective and time consuming. A geophysicist can find out what lies underground while required little or no digging. Geophysicists are experts in geology, seismic activity, thermal energy and many other sciences. Geophysicists are also used by archaeologists and historians when land is being excavated for artifacts. A geophysicist can determine the age of a land, if it has ever undergone a massive disturbance, and if significant natural or man made artifacts are buried underground. Geophysicists study various aspects of the earth, specifically magnetic, radioactive and seismic activity. Gas and oil companies will frequently contact geophysicists when researching areas that may contain gas and oil deposits. Geophysicists are also used by many construction companies and contractors before work on land begins. A geophysicist can determine the structural integrity of a build site before work begins, usually without disturbing the land at all. Drilling companies will also contact Geophysicists to determine the quickest and most cost-effective ways to drill certain kinds of lands, as different rocks and minerals can be more difficult to drill through than others.

Because of the complex geological issues that often need to be investigated and resolved in order to complete a range of projects, many companies will need to use the services of a professional geologist. Geologists will usually have an advanced degree in the study of geology, which is an earth science that tries to understand the structures and processes of the materials that make up the earth. Geologists will often have a working knowledge of physics, chemistry and mathematics, as well as geology, and will often be able to provide companies with advice on complex engineering and construction projects, as well as the investigations into natural resources such as minerals and oil. Companies will often have geologists on their permanent staff in order to provide advice and expertise on a wide range of geological issues. Because of their expertise and experience in geological issues, geologists will often be hire by companies to provide consulting services. Geologists will often be trained in the study of geology, which has to do with the structures and processes of the earth. Geologists can often offer valuable advice on issues regarding engineering and construction projects, the investigation of natural resources such as oil and minerals, and the study of geological formations. Although some geologists will be hired on a per project basis, many companies will employ a full time geologist to help them investigate and resolve geological issues relating to their specific business. -

Leningrad State University
Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RAPA)
Extra Education

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