Rostovskaya Marina N.

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Keywords: deep structure, active continental margins, transition zone, upper mantle, and marginal seas.

Profile of Rostovskaya Marina

BORN: June 26, 1952


RESIDENCE: Los Angeles, California

EDUCATION: Leningrad State University, Russia, 1975
Academy of Government Regulation, Moscow, 1995

PROFESSION: Exploration geologist/geophysicist, job code GS-1313
Master degree in Earth Science

EMPLOYMENT: Consultant, the interdisciplinary area

HOBBIES: Photography, digital video making,
eco-systems and music&art collecting

SKILLS: Researching, decision-making,
computer modeling and field geology

LANGUAGES: Russian, English, and German

GOALS: To show how really the plate tectonics work

EXPEDITIONS: Complex geophysical expedition in Karelia, Baltic Shield; geochemical field expedition in Inga, Kola Peninsula; examination of an exclusive equipment for a mercury ore, Gekkel Ridge, Yakutia; Kurila-Kamchatka offshore geophysical exploration (on the ship Pegasus), Institute of Marine Geology of Russian Academy of Science; detail gravimetric servey in Amurian Plate (Zeya-Bureya area); several field trips in Basin and Range (California and Nevada), Mojave desert, Owens Valley and Sierra Nevada.

Author and co-author formal, annual and scientific reports.

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